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Real estate law and real estate investments

Real estate law and real estate investments

We at Januar Consulting S.L. are specialized in real estate law and advice on all types of real estate investments on our island especially those made by non-residents. Our objective is to offer the client the maximum legal security and ensure that their real estate operations are carried out efficiently and with an optimal tax planning.

Tax law and tax advice

tax law and tax advice

We at Januar Consulting S.L. are specialized in tax advice to companies and individuals, both residents and non-residents. Taxation is a subject that we are passionate about and that is characterized by a constant regulatory change that forces us to an effort of permanent updating. Our goal is to offer tax solutions to our clients that provide them with tax savings and legal security.

Sales & Management of Companies

sales & management of companies

In the business world, changing circumstances can mean that a company may have to adapt to new operations to be able to carry out its daily functions. Januar Consulting S.L. can prepare various take-overs, stocks and changes to companies that have been created under Spanish law and meet the following criteria:

  • If your business has been built and prepared for quick change and progression both to its administration and its market.
  • If your business is momentarily inactive, does not have a contingency plan and is not in arrears with the tax office.
  • If your business has the relevant paperwork in order and can produce its minute books, members register and accounts.
  • If your business can demonstrate that it has a bank account in credit, produce its business cheque books and show that it has the capacity for internet operations.
  • A company take-over relies heavily on confidentiality and privacy from all parties involved when dealing with ownership through to its completion.

We can also facilitate accountancy obligations both justifiably and urgently when required. Price ready-made Spanish S.L. : 2.100 €+VAT.

Property Administration

property adeministration

Setting up and complete administration of property owner’s associations (drafting of articles of association and in-house regulations):

  • Acquisition and legalization of the minute book in the Land Registry.
  • Obtaining community tax number.
  • Opening of bank account.
  • Bookkeeping, control of payments and receivable collection.
  • Calling of owner’s meetings and attendance to them.
  • Drawing up and sending minutes of meetings to the owners.
  • Attendance to the meetings of the governing body.
  • Drafting of construction or maintenance contracts.
  • Control of maintenance of the parts of the community of the building.
  • Obtaining construction and repair budgets.
  • Claiming of unpaid.
  • Legal claim of unpaid.
  • Insurance proposals tailored for each owner’s association.
  • Permanent information to the owners regarding themes that affect them.

Tax & Accounting Consultancy

Tax & accounting consultancy

Our Tax and Accountancy departments offer the following services to our clients:

  • Tax audits for businesses and groups of businesses.
  • Personal Tax plans for business and family estates.
  • Personal Inheritance Plans. (Including Capital Assets Tax).
  • Business Tax Advice and Consultation.
  • Personal Tax Advice and Consultation.
  • Finalising of Inheritance, Donations and any other possible transfers e.g. Property etc.
  • Advice and Representation before the Tax Office.
  • Tax Administration. (Including Contentious Procedures).
  • Accounts.
  • Tax and Accountancy Studies Relating to Business Plans and their specific sector.
  • Personalised Cost-Accounting.
  • Annual Accounts. (Including their submission).
  • Accounts for periods of inactivity or late submission.
  • Business Accountancy Advice and Consultation.

Employment departament

employment department

Our Employment Department offers the following services to our clients. (Businesses and Individuals)

  • Consultation and Advice Regarding National Insurance Contributions, Employment Law, Sickness Procedures and Employment Contracts on behalf of both the Employer and the Employee.
  • Consultation and Representation of our Clients at the Department of Work and Pensions, Social Security Department, Employment Tribunals and all other Business and Government Departments. Representation also provided in matters of Mediation and Reconciliation.
  • Advice regarding all types of Pensions and Benefits.

Legal departament

legal department

Our team of Lawyers advise on the following areas:

Civil Law

  • Contract Law.
  • Inheritance, Trusts and Donations.
  • Wills and Probate.
  • Civil Responsibility.
  • Compensation. (Traffic Accidents, Personal Injury and Medical Negligence).
  • Housing and Construction Law.


  • Constitutional Law.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Business Law. (Including all types of transfer).
  • Commercial Contracts.
  • Creditors Meetings. (Advice and Representation).

Property Law

  • Conveyancing. (Buying and Selling Properties).
  • Landlord and Tenant Law.
  • New and Old Property.

Contentious Civil Law Suits

  • Representation in both Civil Procedure and Contentious Administrative matters.
  • Representation before Courts of Justice.

Insurance Brokers

insurance brokers

Januar Broker D’Assegurances S.L. is a registered insurance brokers (IB-S015 –MA Registro Administrativo Especial de Mediadores de Seguros de las Illes Baleares). It has set up both Civil and Professional Insurances whereby it’s financial capacity and outlay is governed by law. (Ley/2006 de Mediación de Seguros). Our client base demands that our Insurance Portfolios are not only from a commercial perspective but that a thorough study is conducted for each client’s needs. Our position as an Insurance Broker allows us to independently advise our clients regarding insurance packages, finance and other issues involved in the portfolio best suited to their needs. The Insurance Department is headed up by Antoni Pascual Perelló whose philosophy is to meet the highest standards and to offer his clients clear and independent advice. We work with multiple insurance companies that have been selected via a rigorous selection process ensuring a sound financial base and a high quality of service for our clients.

Administration & Licenses

administration & licenses

Traffic Administration

  • Vehicle Registration.
  • Vehicle Transfer.

Administration for new residents

  • Personal Registration Number (NIE).
  • Work Permits and Residency Papers.
  • Registration of foreign vehicles.

Acquiring Licenses

  • Acquisition of opening licenses for all types of business.
  • Acquisition of all types of licenses for different business ventures.

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